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Tsugaru no *shining* ARTISTIC...DDR...PARALIST...COSPLAYER...CONVENTIONS...MUSICAN...DJ.... — Profile

Name:  Vicki/Tsugaru

Location:  Dayton, Ohio
Birthday:  4 December, 1990
Bio:  My name is Vicki, or I am called Tsugaru (tsu). I am 14 years old, and currently studing Japanese language and culture in my spare time. I am Heavy on DDR, and I'm also trying to learn to Para Para . I live in Dayton, Ohio, so my preformances can not be far from there. I am also in an team called *shining*,after the song by BeForU. please meet me someday at the G.O.M. arcade someday! :3
Interests:  DDR, Para Para, Anime, Drawing, Anime COnventions, DJing, Singing, Japanese stuffs
Blog Created:  Sunday, 7 August 2005
Last Updated:  Monday, 30 January 2006 - 4:53 AM JST
Blog Entries:  8

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